The Conventional Winick: A First Look at Likely Keepers (Part One: The Angry Young Men)

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      Brad Jansen

      For those of us whose only sports passion is baseball, fantasy or otherwise, the off-season can be a lonely, frightening time.  Fortunately, roto master and house minority whip Jeffrey Winick has happily agreed to provide some off-season analysis, bound to delight all members of the USML.  In this continuing series, Winick takes aim –as only he can– at each team’s likely reserve rosters.  Today, Winick looks at the Angry Young Men….

      “Doug gave it all he had in ’06,” observed the Master, “Both in the USML and on the softball field. Unfortunately, he was a loser on both fronts, paying dearly with prospects in the first instance (contrary to Klein’s claims, but that’s the subject of my brilliant 50,000 word essay) and with lateral mobility in the other.

      “So his roster is ravaged and fairly boring to review. Accordingly, I can’t wait to get to the Bombers, but let’s give a courtesy call on the Angries anyway.  I figure Cintron at $1 stays as MI filler. Emil Brown at $8 looks solid, as does Mark Grudzielanek at $6.  Gotta love those KC guys hitting in front of Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, Justin Huber and Shane Costa in that revamped Royals lineup.  That’s pretty much it on the offense, but Doug’s always been inclined to go with pitching and acquire offense later and as needed. Hence, he’ll keep Kenny Rogers for another year at $1, Mussina ($10), Zito-if in AL at $17, and perhaps Halladay-21 and/or Todd Jones-20. As far as magic beans are concerned, they’ve been digested, spat out and forsaken.  No prospects of any kind, short or long-term.

      “Bottom line: love the pitching, lukewarm about the offense.  Comments, anyone?”

      On-Deck:  The Bashing Bombers Bounce Back.

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