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      Brad Jansen

      So, Jeffrey didn’t feel comfortable commenting on his own storied roster and he asked me to take a shot at who I expect to be his likely keepers.  I have to admit, I am a tad intimidated by this task since no one, least of all me, can hold a candle to Jeff’s analytical skills, let alone his roto acumen, and that roster is chock full of so much talent it almost explodes, even with Francisco Liriano no longer pegged as his franchise cornerstone.

      But, here goes, and I hope the rest of you enjoyed Jeff’s insights about your rosters as much as I did. What a rapier wit!  And I can’t wait to see how close to the mark he actually was when the reserve lists are submitted (next week, right?).

      Enough digressions.  On the major league ledger, the Berliners will waltz into the draft with Craig Monroe because they’re saddled with his LT contract for this year ($13)–I guess they’ll live with the .250 BA so long as he pokes over 25 taters again.  They’ll also keep John Lackey ($11/LT07), along with the Big Hurt ($1/yr1), Joe Crede ($7/yr1), and Rocco Baldelli ($3/yr2).  That’s a lot of undervalued offense…

      Winick will also have to take a hard look at Jason Kubel ($5/yr1), assuming he can even walk with those knees. Depending on whatever the heck the Rays do with their surplusage of infielders, the Berliners would be wise to retain Ty Wigginton ($5/yr1), but all of the Berliners’ magic beanos may convince Winick otherwise.  Just look at these dudes: Adam Miller (the good one, CLE-$5, stolen from me a few days ago); Evan Longoria (TB-$5); Brandon Wood (LAA-$2); Jeff Clement (SEA-$2); Philip Hughes (NY-$5); Erick Aybar (LA-$2); and Eric Hurley (TEX-$2).  Winick very well may retain Dustin Pedroia (BOS-$10) cos of the promise of a starting gig in Bean Town, but I for one am unimpressed by his utter lack of power and SBs.  But what do I know.  I traded half my team to Robbins for Francisco Cabrera….

      Later, lads!  Have a good weekend…and to the Calamari: sorry you’re losing the Unit.  But remember: I lost Ambrioux Burgos.  I feel your pain….

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