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      Brad Jansen

      Fresh from his engagement in sunny Scottsdale, roto savant Jeffrey Winick is back and ready to resume his off-season analysis of likely reservists, with a look this week at the Block’s Bombers.  Winick’s musings:

      As helmsman of the monolithic Sidley Austin LLP, Mark Blocker finds little time to focus on life’s trivialities, such as roto baseball.  “About the only break I had this past summer was when Rich Robbins was sucking on an oxygen machine during one of our weekend tennis matches,” reminisced the low-key and erudtite Mark Blocker, slightly befuddled at the thought of discussing baseball in November. “And even then I spent most of my free time poring over my associates’ billing sheets.”

      Nevertheless, Blocker did find a few spare moments to make lightning strike deals with the always willing Doug “Shameless” Shabelman.  Jeff Winick observes that those deals provide the cornerstones of the Bombers’ ’07 campaign: Nick Swisher (2/yr2),  Jorge Cantu (10/y2) and Chris Gomez (5/yr 1).  “Beyond those names I expect the Bombers’ reserve list to include Lowell (14), Giambi (12) and Rivera (8),” observed Winick.  “Thanks to the cursed long-term contract, he’s stuck with Cliff Lee (12/LT07) and I suppose he’ll take a flyer on Brandon McCarthy (5/yr1) if he remains in the AL.  There are no minor leaguers on that roster that *I *would retain, but then what do I know: I’ve only won an experts league twice in the last 3 years.  In any event, I must say the prospect of reviewing several more rosters is quite daunting, especially now that the H-Dads will go into the draft with Matsuzaka at $2. I state without equivocation or equanimity: it won’t be a draft, it will be a coronation of the Hoosier Daddies…but more on them in the weeks ahead.”

      For now, that’s it.

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