The Conventional Winick: Nukes’ Reserve Roster Has Little To Celebrate in ’07, But Republicans Smell Victory

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      Brad Jansen

      More thoughts from The Winick:

      As 2006 draws to a close and I ready my party plans for New Years Eve, I like to reflect on last year’s resolutions.  Last year I resolved to make one resolution: to be fair and unbiased in all of my roto analysis, particularly in my discussions about the Block’s Bombers and in my dealings with Brad.  I firmly believe that I have kept that commitment, even if others  fail to see, recognize or smell the truth.

      With a nod to the late Hussein, I don’t want to keep you hanging about my take on two rosters today.  Let’s start with the Nukes.

      Let’s face it: that team won a hard-fought campaign to capture the Damon yet again. They were prepared to pay the costs for that prize and indeed they did.  Nukemeister Kerber has made no secret that ’07 will be a rebuilding year (unless Klein and Robbins have drafts similar to last season’s) because of all the undervalued talent and magic beans he parted company with in ’06.  On the minor league side, it’s Justin Huber (2), an off-season acquisition (from the Rips, natch), and B. League (TOR-2), and that’s it.  The Nukes likely will retain Jay Payton (3/y1), along with pitching stars Jeremy Bonderman (16/yr1) and AJ Burnett (19/yr1), along with ex-closer Otsuka (1/y1) and perennial potential closer Mike Timlin (2/y2). He may be inspired to retain Kevin Millwood (13/y2) and/or Curt Schilling (21/y1) as well.  As you can see, the Nukes have a long way to go before they can even consider laying a foundation for their next money franchise.

      And the Republicans?  They will be anchored (or saddled, as the case
      may be) with the indomitable Delmon Young (10/LT07), along with the likes of Choo Figgins (20/LT07),  Robinson Cano (5/y2), Jose Lopez (7/y2), Jermaine Dye (16/LT07), Melky Cabrera (5/y1), Gary Matthews (5/y1), the Good Weaver (10/y1) and Carlos Guillen (16/y1).  Two worthy minor leaguers are Adam Miller (DET) and J. Tata (DET), both at $2.

      I must admit I very much like that roster, compiled carefully and thoughtfully.  Will the GOP take all in ’07?  Perhaps in the USML, my friends and colleagues.

      Now that is all, until I parse my roster and, of course, the Rips.  I cannot wait to sink my teeth into their roster.  Time to floss…

      Blessings for ’07,
      Jeffrey Horatio Winick

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