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      Brad Jansen

      From the Winick:

      Greetings and Happy New Year.  As much as I look forward to touting my own roster I will spend a few moments deconstructing the Rips’, who, I begrudgingly admit, trail only the Hoosier Daddies and Republicans when it comes to exciting reservists.

      Let’s start with the obvious.  On the major league level, we’re looking at pitchers Joel Zumaya ($1/y1), J.J. Putz ($1/y1) and new KC closer Octavio Dotel ($2/y1), a formidable amount of undervalue by any calculation, including whatever math that madman Klein uses.  Turning to the offense, the no-brainers are Nick Markakis, acquired from the Daddies this off-season ($5/y1), along with Howie “Carew” Kendrick ($2/y1).  And when it comes to Magic Beans, none offer better roughage than the likes of Alex Gordon ($2), Billy Butler ($5), Jacoby Ellsbury ($2), Adam Jones ($5), Elijah Dukes ($5), Joaquin Arias ($2), and Ryan Sweeney ($10), top prospects all.

      The Intrigue begins with guys like Kendry Morales ($1/y2) and Casey Kotchman ($4/y2), one of whom is bound to grab the 1B job in LA.  And what of Dan Johnson ($5/y2)? Will his rebound in the second-half convince the A’s to slot him at 1B for good this time?  Will the Rips roll the dice with power hitting TEX RF Nelson Cruz ($9/y1) or speedy Shin-Soo Choo ($5/y1), or bank on lesser risks such as Julio Lugo ($21/y2) and/or Jim Thome ($26/y1)? And what of Shandler favorites such as Boof Bonser ($9/y1), Andy Marte ($14/y1), Tadahito Iguchi ($19/y1) and Manny Delcarmen ($5/y1)?

      There is depth of talent to field two teams, I’m afraid, and the Riptorns’ choices will have a ripple effect throughout our League, I assure you.  Well, I’m almost done mourning Gerald Ford.  When I lift my long dark veil I will take a close and loving look at my roster.

      That is all for now, good friends!

      Jeffrey Winick

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