The Conventional Winick: Tough Fishing For Calamari’s Keepers

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      Brad Jansen

      So many rosters, so little time, but here’s what the Winick says about the LMC’s retainees:

      It’s a shallow talent pool for this squad, but that merely means they will have plenty of bucks to spend at the draft (as will many teams in ’07, and like my contemporaries at the Fed, I’m very very worried about inflation).  Right now it looks like Jenks (1/y2), Frank Catalanotto (3/yr1) and maybe Brian Anderson (5/y1), with the possibility of retaining Joe Blanton (15/y2) again, along with Jon Garland (17/yr1) .  If Adam Loewen (5/y1) makes the Orioles’ rotation, then I certainly recommend his retention.  Among the minor leaguers, it’s Javier Herrera (OAK/5) and John Danks (TEX/2) and Jeff Niemann (TB/2).

      Now, if the LMC want to rebuild, as I do semi-annually, then thought may be given to the likes of Travis Hafner (38), A-Rod (46) or Garrett Anderson (18).  Certainly, I would trade Erik Aybar for them, after the draft and before Shabes excuses himself.  And perhaps they’ll peddle Joe Nelson (35/yr1) to the Rips as insurance for Octavio Dotel….

      So, that’s it–I admit my essay is not particularly inspiring, but neither is this list of possible retainees.  I promise I’ll do better when I evaluate Mister Morningstar’s roster next.  To paraphrase my idol Peter Frampton (and lord, how many bags of the good stuff I cleaned on that double album sleeve…), “I want you-oo-oo to show me the Wang, every day…” Groove me, Robbins, I’m comin’ for ya!

      Jeffrey H. Winick,
      RotoMaster Blaster

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