The Coventional Winick: Hoosier Daddies Poised For Triumphant Return to The Top

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      Brad Jansen

      From the mind of Jeffrey Winick:

      Greetings, all, and happy holidays to your and yours.  Thanksgiving came early for the H-Dads, when the BoSox successfully acquired the rights to negotiate with Japanese superstar D. Matusuzaka.  The years of burying this fellow on the Daddies’ reserve roster now will pay off handsomely as the twirler is secured for the unbelievably low salary of $2.  Add that type of value to the likes of Justin Verlander ($2), Jon Pabelbon ($5/y2–what will happen to *that *contract, I wonder), Tim Wakefield ($4) and the Dads go into the draft with one of the best valued staffs ever assembled in this League.  Given the lemming-like nature of our owners, this clever scribe foresees much action on the foreign front in the rotation draft as teams scramble to, pardon the expression, bone up on overseas talent, especially in Japan.  Let bitter nationalists like Professor Klein attack our efforts, but at least in Gammons’ case I expect that in 2007 he will be rewarded quite handsomely for his patience and expertise in the ways of Japanese baseball.

      In light of the undervalued pitching the Dads have assembled, that team will be poised to spend big bucks on other areas of need in the auction. But there are several other nice potential keepers on that sqaud: Curtis Granderson ($1/y-2), Ian Kinsler ($5/y1), Ryan Garko ($6/y1), Trot Nixon ($7/y1), Kevin Youkilis ($11/y1), and B.J. Upton ($14/y1), along with exciting prospects like Adam Lind, Tom Diamond, Matt Moses, Jeff Bianchi and Brent Clevlen.

      This roster represents what rebuilding is all about: as the Dads got off to a rocky start in ’06, they moved at the right time and secured talent like Granderson and Verlander from teams fighting for first place.  Or was it just one team fighting for 1st place that traded all that talent to the Dads?  Forgive me, it’s been awhile and I’ve had some egg nog for lunch. For the Dads’ masterly moves I remove my fuzzy mittens and applaud them.  And remember these cautionary words of warning: the Dads, if allowed to dominate the draft, will be in 1st place from pillar to post in 07.

      The floor is now open to debate, if any of you dare challenge my findings and conclusions.  And that most certainly is not all…..

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