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    Richard Robbins

    We’ve spent a lot of time yammering about the outcome determinative fifth place finish.

    So, which team has the most fifth place finishes?

    Here’s the list:


    Nukes 6
    Brats 4
    Rothman 3
    Bombers 2
    AYM 1
    Berliners 1
    Iowa-na-wins 1
    Kleine Nine 1
    LMC 1
    Old Style 1
    Red-Hots 1

    So how often does the fifth place finisher win it all the next year?

    That has been the case only three times, one of which, I believe, pre-dates the preference in the rotation draft for the fifth place finisher.
    Klein Nine in 1990/1991
    Nukes 2000/2001 and then again 2003/2004

    — Rich

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