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      Richard Robbins

      While perusing the list of prospects that might be available in this year’s draft and noticing that just about all of the good players are likely to be rostered, I started looking for good names.

      This year, one name jumped out at me as being so bad, it might be good.

      Gentleman, I present: Rougned Odor, 2B bean for the Rangers (and number ten on the Baseball America list for the Rangers). He is the nephew of Indians Double-A hitting coach, Rouglas Odor. (wow)

      According to BA, scouts were initially scared by his smallish stature and speed. I’ll be the name didn’t help either.

      I can’t read his scouting report without giggling. “Odor doesn’t have elite level tools, but . . . ”

      Top that one boys. . .

      — KR

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