The Snow Is Falling, The Stove Is Heating……It’s Time For “Ask Andy!”

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      Brad Jansen

      Greetings, fantasy baseball enthusiasts.

      Now that Jeff Winick has abdicated his throne and, apparently, his role as League Oracle, we must turn the page.  This off-season finds us enjoying a new feature, an online advice column that highlights the wit, charm and tact of Professor Andrew Klein.

      Every Friday each of you is encouraged to submit a question to the Professor (on this site, please; the Professor simply does not have time to answer personal queries and his administration promises a new transparency).  Our expectation is that he will provide a thoughtful, concise response within a 48 hour period, so that we all have some words to enjoy and live by as we herald the upcoming week.

      So kudos to Brett Favre for his fine effort last night and let’s get the ball rolling.  Today’s first question is from none other than me–what a surprise!

      Dear Professor:

      Now that the Pale Hose have traded Nick the Prick Swisher, do you think I need to look a closer look at Jerry Owens (11/yr 1) , especially since stolen bases sure are a premium.  Whaddya think?
      Confused Over Chicago’s Keepers

      Andy, we await your reply

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