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      Brad Jansen

      Editor’s Note: The following entries are taken verbatim from the diaries of Jeffrey H. Winick. Based on our best information, they were recorded shortly after the USML draft:

      I love my team–I know, I know, I say this every spring but this year I really feel it–I’m light on power, speed and pitching, but so what Montero and Moore will land any fish I need….Biggest compet’n is the Mighty Red Hots-I’m sure Robbins will use a battery of Morningstar researchers to analyze his chances against me…claims he is rebuilding but I doubt it–if he could stand to trade away Hosmer to go for it last year, he certainly can part with keepers like Britton, Duffy and Dunn; on the other hand, I know that if I dangle Hosmer, he’ll trade me half his team….Klein Nine of no import, what with Klein’s fear of pitching and Wieters envy….Daddies concerned me going into draft, but they did me a huge favor by spending 23 on a 3rd closer and 5 on Bundy and 14 on Peacock…Calamari cause concern with that pitching staff, but too much age and too many question marks on offense…Nukes showed me they were all in when they traded for Salty, then dug deep for Reynolds, Rios and Moreland–they won’t beat me, but they sure can bother me….Riptorns never know what they’re doing, which is my biggest risk–like No. Korea, I never know when they will launch some bomb against me–but with so many keepers already on roster, maybe Jansen will act like a grownup for a change….Angries will challenge me until June, then fade with too few stolen bases and so-so pitching….Brats better hope Cespedes doesn’t turn into baseball’s highest paid reserve OF, but with that A’s team, who knows anyway–too many injuries already, maybe I should call about Cabrera…AFV should be in market for keepers but how could I possibly fit either Cano or Pujols under my cap–he will prove bothersome to me next year that’s for sure…Bombers better enjoy a few weeks of Wieters, then move him for keepers…..bottom line: this is my year. Every year is my year but I really really feel it this year.

      All the best dear diary,

      Your buddy,


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