The Winick Weekly: First Look At Freeze Lists–Bombers Dropping, But Red Hots Sizzle

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      Brad Jansen

      *(Dictated but not read by Jeffrey Horatio Winick):*
      Greetings, loyal readers. I want to say I’m exceptionally busy as usual, which is why I must dictate my ramblings for Brad Jansen to later transcribe, but actually I’m phoning this in to B-Lee as I travel to Evanston to get in the queue to see *The Other Boleyn Girl*, opening today at the Century Evanston. There’s something about Tudor kings and costume epics that just make me breathless–can you tell?

      Well, now that the Rips, either stupidly or intentionally, have declared their early candidacy for the ’08 Damon, it’s certainly not too late for me to weigh in on some other likely freeze lists.  And please: my purpose is not to poke fun or sneer at anyone, particularly Mark Blocker, but rather to give you valuable insight and tips so that when it’s time to rip your bodice and get down to business you’ll be ready to roll:

      And speaking of the Reformation, just what is it with those enigmatic Bombers?  Will they rebuild or what? Well, it’s easy to see the crew that’s likely to sink another season: the inestimable Erik Bedard (8) is the one star, supported by the likely cast of I-Rod (14), Mike Lowell (14), Erick Aybar (5), Jose Guillen Is Believin (11), Joba (2), Juan Rivera (1), Brandon Morrow (2), with kids Jacob McGee and David Price.  Yippee.  This is not an epic for the ages, I’m afraid.

      But I gotta love those Red Hots. Finally, RER has assembled a reserve squad that will provide him another opportunity to blow a real chance at the Prize.  Jeepers peepers check out his keepers: Pedroia (13), Fields (5), Buck (2), Swisher (7), Melky (5), Sizemore or less (11), King Felix (15), Lester (1), Wang (8), Jenks (6), Ellsbury (2), and that is one roster worth sitting through the previews for.

      Well, it’s time for me to get in line, but I promise promise to get back with more insight, analysis and my usual goodwill.  Here’s to male heirs, good lads!!  Ta ta for now!

      –*J.H.W. *

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