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      Brad Jansen

      O! King!

      With the exception of Mark Blocker we’re all quite busy trying to make a living.  Can you provide an executive summary of your rant, perhaps with bullet points?  Thanks,
      Your loyal liege,


      On 7/21/08, <> wrote:
      > My fellow USMLers:
      > I tried to dump to the Red Hots to propel them to a title, but my
      > entreaties were rebuffed.  I traded away the top pitcher in the AL to the
      > Angry Young Men to assist in their efforts to stay ahead of the team that
      > rejected my offers of help.  I inquired of the Klein Nine but quickly
      > recognized that the cupboard was bare.  I would be the first to admit that I
      > was down on my luck and ready to call it quits.
      > And yet, here I am on July 21st, and at this very moment, a mere 8 1/2
      > points out of second place.  The Bombers have now shot their wad and, well,
      > trades between the Berliners and the Bombers never really seem meant to be.
      > Anyway I don’t have any 17 year old prospects or potentially washed up
      > players on guaranteed contracts on my roster right now – so that doesn’t
      > appear to be a good fit.  The Nukes spread their wealth between the Angry
      > Young Men and the Red Hots after rejecting my open ended expressions of
      > interest.  But, to the rest of you gentlemen (and that includes you,
      > Buddha), the time is now when you, yes YOU, can make a difference.  CHANGE
      > is right around the corner and by joining my 2008 USML campaign, you can be
      > a part of that CHANGE.  So I invite each and every one of you to consider
      > whether a $12, FA10 Justin Verlander might not help your team.  To think
      > about how a $2, Y2 George Sherrill might look in a uniform with your logo on
      > it.  To ponder the wonder of a now fully healthy JJ Putz and two more years
      > of his best in the business closing.  Notwithstanding Mr. Kerber’s
      > wisecracks about his former girlfriends, to imagine how well Matt Joyce ($5,
      > Y1) and his 10 home runs in 104 at bats might play with your 2009 squad.
      > So, let’s talk and see if we can’t spice up this race a bit.  Last year at
      > this time I was further behind the leader than I am now and we all know how
      > that turned out.  Its not too late….CHANGE is gonna come.  Be a part of
      > it!
      > I can be reached at this email address or feel free to call me at
      > 312-841-2817.
      > The King

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