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      Brad Jansen

      Fantasy baseball has a new critic–and he’s on the inside.

      In a YouTube video, Jeffrey Horatio Winick, who plays the role of a fantasy baseball genius in the USML sitcom, tells viewers not to play fantasy baseball because it contains “filth.” His comments are part of a religious testimony given to the Church Of Latter Day Baseball Geeks.

      “If you play fantasy baseball, please stop playing and stop reading my advice columns. I don’t want to play anymore. Please stop filling your spreadshets with filth,” he says.

      He continues: “Do some research on the effects of my advice to other players, and I promise you you’ll have a decsion to make when it comes to playing fantasy baseball and especially when you read my baseball notes. It’s bad news. You cannot be a true Blocker-fearing person and play fantasy baseball like I do. I know I can’t.”

      Winick, 53, who began playing fantasy baseball as a boy, has grown up during the USML’s several-year run.

      The USML comedy series has been criticized at times for its child-oriented content. And it ran into a publicity buzzsaw in spring 2011 when star owner Andy Klein was sanctioned after making disparaging comments about Winick’s picture in a fantasy baseball magazine, though it recovered when Winick traded Mike Trout to the Riptorns last spring.

      Rich Robbins, who produces the USML, declined comment on Winick’s statements.

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