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      Brad Jansen

      Liriano and Longoria.  You can put it on the board, Mr. Klein.

      Now, you can let your team plod along in mediocrity from year to year, a few slots out of first, a few points ahead of last.  But don’t criticize bold visionaries such as me.  And remember: I did not predict a first place finish this year; William F. Buckley’s *doppelganger* did.  But I will predict that in ’09 the Rips will finish well ahead of the K-9.  The Damon has the Rips’ name on it for ’09.  So, Doug, treat it well, assuming Kerbs ever relinquishes it……

      Happy holiday to all my friends who celebrate *Rosh Hashanah*.  And let’s go, White Sox.

      Brad * *

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