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      Andy Klein

      (Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song)

      Let me tell you a story
      About a man named Brad

      Hangin’ in the winter
      Feelin’ kind of sad

      Until one day
      While sittin’ on the can

      He got an instant message
      From the Magazine Man

      Winick, that is
      The Big Macher*

      “Listen up closely
      Here’s what you’re gonna do

      You’re giving me your Putz
      And Bob Abreu, too

      And then come June,
      I’m taking even more …

      Vazquez! Manny!
      You’ll give until you’re sore.”

      So Brad did as told
      And Jeff began to rise

      In 2007
      He’ll surely take the prize

      And that’s the way it stands
      Until 2008

      When Brad told Jeff
      He must reciprocate …

      *(To Fruiter, Buddha, and Barrett: “Macher” is Yiddish for Big Shot.
      Since Kerber and Gammons live in Highland Park and Buffalo Grove, I
      assume they already know the language.)

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