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      Doug Shabelman

      Rip on the Angries, rip on Fausto, but please don’t involve The Knack again…

      The Knack lead singer Doug Fieger, perhaps best known for the 1979 hit, “My Sharona,” underwent successful brain surgery Thursday, his doctor reported.

      Fieger, 53, had two brain tumors removed during the operation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, publicist Guy McCain said. Dr. John Yu said the surgery was successful and Fieger was expected to have a full recovery, McCain said in a statement. The Knack’s upcoming concert tour has been postponed, McCain said. The tour had included stops August 11 at the Corbin Music Festival in Corbin, Kentucky, and September 2 at the Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon.

      The Knack were formed in 1978. Their albums include “Get the Knack” and “… But the Little Girls Understand.”

      Singer-songwriter Fieger has said that “My Sharona” was inspired by a girlfriend of four years.

      “I had never met a girl like her — ever,” he told The Associated Press in a 1994 interview. “She induced madness. She was a very powerful presence. She had an insouciance that wouldn’t quit. She was very self-assured. … She also had an overpowering scent, and it drove me crazy.”

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      Mark Kerber

      I had always suspected that hearing “My Sharona” too many times could
      cause brain tumors. Did you know they used to play it both to open and
      close their shows–no doubt because they had so few other things to play?

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      Brad Jansen

      I think both the Angries and Nukes should dedicate their seasons to the
      Knack…can’t wait to see who Nukes reserve to activate Davis….

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