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      Brad Jansen

      So, I finally pick up a copy of Jeff Winick’s personal Koran, *The Baseball
      Prospectus*. Hadn’t read it in couple years, and noticed that the co-editor
      was Christina Kahrl. That’s cool, I thought–Chris Kahrl’s wife (or sister)
      is into the roto stuff, too. But then later that night I started
      thinking…Chris-Christina…gee, her bio sure reads like Chris’ in the old
      editions of *BP*…is this like *Glen or Glenda, *the Ed Wood masterpiece?
      Does Chris/Christina walk around in angora sweaters while analyzing Delmon
      Young, Jermaine Dye and their fellow Repblicans…what is going on…AND

      Anyway, I googled Chris Kahrl…all I needed to see was the 1st hit,
      something from the *Washintgon Blade*, and an article about transgendered
      author Chris Kahrl.

      Wow. So give me a heads up guys…any more surprises that I should steel
      myself for before the draft?* *

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