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      Mark Kerber

      The Commissioners of the USML announced today that the league will immediately begin an investigation of the Klein Nine and owner Andy Klein, in connection with the Biogenesis scandal. The league’s announcement of the investigation noted, “It has not escaped our attention that four of the five American League players subject to suspension by Major League Baseball have ties to the Klein Nine.” The USML resolution to initiate the investigation was adopted by a 2-0 vote of the Commissioners. (Commissioner Winick abstained.)

      Comments from a source close to the USML indicate that Klein’s involvement with Biogenesis date back to 2005, when he approached Biogenesis regarding “anti-aging and hair loss” products. In response to the investigation, Klein’s office released a short statement saying that “Mr. Klein’s involvement with Biogenesis has been limted to a consulting role concerning erectile dysfunction and hair loss issues. Mr. Klein has not participated in any illegal activity and will cooperate fully with the probe.”

      A preliminary hearing will be held early next week.

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      Doug Shabelman

      If we suspend him now and it runs until 2015, can I have Chris Perez at $15?

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      Brad Jansen

      A follow-up to this story:

      Klein said he has not decided whether he would appeal a suspension. “Tomorrow it’s going to happen,” Klein said Sunday before making a prank call to Jeff Winick. “Whatever my decision is going to be … I haven’t decided what it’s going to be.”

      If Klein is suspended but appeals, he would be able to play in the USML while his appeal is pending. He was asked if he expects to be managing the Klein Nine as they wind down yet another miserable season.

      “Yeah. That’s my hope,” Klein said.

      Klein said that he was worried, but not just about his own fate.

      “It’s not just about myself,” Klein said. “It’s about the Klein Nine. It’s about the Berliners. It’s about what Brad Lee thinks about me. Definitely I’m concerned.”

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