Walker This Way: Red Hots Steaming Over Loss of Ace Closer

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      Brad Jansen

      Richard Robbins went into hiding this afternoon to consider his options after receiving the stunning news that Tampa Bay twirler Tyler Walker has headed to the DL.  “Thank goodness I rebuffed all those trade requests for Chad Orvella,” Robbins smirked before closing the door to the Red Hots’ headquarters.  “It truly isn’t enough that I still have Ray and Street as my closers.  I need to dominate at least one category.  This certainly doesn’t help matters.  Maenwhile my objects keep getting smaller and smaller in Shabes’ rear view mirror…”

      In other news Rips owner Brad Jansen reluctantly conceded that Andy Klein’s bullying tactics have worked: “Andy’s constant braying about my deals has intimidated other owners from even buying me lunch, let alone entertaining trade offers. Everyone is soooo scared that Andy will verbally assault them once news of a deal with me is announced.  So for now I can only park my portfolio and hope the rest of the guys wake up to his crazed and deceptive methods.”

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