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      Doug Shabelman

      Cleveland Indians pitcher Scott Sauerbeck was arrested early Tuesday after he and a woman fled from his vehicle and were found hiding behind bushes, police said.

      Sauerbeck, 34, of nearby Avon, was the passenger in his car, which a patrolman saw weaving. The vehicle pulled into a driveway and the driver, Lily Miller, and Sauerbeck got out, walked into the backyard and jumped a fence, according to a police report.

      The owner of the house reported hearing voices outside and police found Sauerbeck and Miller hiding between the home and some bushes.

      Sauerbeck was charged with obstructing official business and permitting someone intoxicated to drive his vehicle.

      “He was somewhat remorseful and indicated what he did was stupid,” Police Chief Michael Gurich said. “I guess they were frightened because they both had been drinking.”

      Miller faces DUI and obstructing official business charges. Her blood-alcohol content was 0.253, more than three times the legal limit.

      Sauerbeck and Miller were released on a bond of $120 each and will be arraigned on June 1 in Avon Lake Municipal Court.

      If convicted, the maximum penalty for the misdemeanor offenses is six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

      Indians spokesman Bart Swain declined comment on the arrest.

      Sauerbeck is 0-1 with a 4.22 ERA in his second season in Cleveland.

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      Mark Kerber

      Since I already own David Wells, I think I should own Sauerbeck, too. I can corner the market on pitchers who do really stupid things while drunk. I love it when the “woman” is un-named. Sort of lets one imagine who she might be–stripper, hooker, girlfriend? (Too bad Ponson is out of the league.) Is this a category? If not, shouldn’t it be?


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