Will Klein’s Mindless Insults Awaken Riptorns’ Beast Within?

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      Brad Jansen

      BTW, Gammons wins USML Day Trader of the year.  He turned R.Soriano — a guy with a bad elbow and only 10 IP combined the last two years — into Markakis at $5, a rotation starter in Fossum, and Dan Meyer.  No wonder the Daddies are the defending champions!


      “He who would act the angel becomes the beast…”

      My dear Fellow Owners:

      Not only does Andy ReKlein see fit to mock my trade offers and overtures to him, offers purely intended to benefit his team, but he has now taken the most inappropriate step of ridiculing deals I made for other players, in which he later obtains players I traded away for what he deems a better price than what I received (and I’m sorry, Andy, but not even *you *bothered to bid a buck on that ace Casey Fossum, and as to Dan Meyer all I can say is “*Who? *He’s not on anyone’s top 200 list that I can see,”  and as far as that kid OF goes, you can Markakis my skinny little a#@).

      You have taken the most dangerous step of rejecting, then ridiculing me for my kind and generous offers.  So don’t be crying in your bowl of cereal, Andy the K, when the gray Indiana dawn brings you tidings that the likes of Beltre, Patterson and yes even Jim Thome have been traded to your most fiercest rival(s).  One can only hope that the beast shows you some degree of mercy, Jeff Winick willing….

      Brad Lee

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