Winick Bets Against Gambler–And Loses

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      Brad Jansen

      Jeffrey Winick issued the following statement concerning his early evenings quotes concerning Kenny Rogers:

      “As we say in my business, tonight I had a wardrobe malfunction.   I assume some of my sophisticated readers in this group would know my roto analysis is much like writing a celebrity obituary; in so many words, they’re canned pieces with various story lines that are chosen based upon the subject’s performance, or mode of death as the case may be–and tonight I hit the wrong key at the wrong time.  That piece on Kenny Rogers should have gone on-line on another date.  I apologize to my loyal readers for the error.  Move along now.”

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      Doug Shabelman

      I’d say someone with an alias who owns Putz and his puppet author who has Wood should not be doing ANYTHING prematurely…

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