Winick: “Unlike Rumsfeld, I Will Not Cut and Run”

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      Brad Jansen

      Still reeling from the catastophic loss of Berliners ace Francisco Liriano, Berliners CEO Jeffrey Winick vowed to “stay the course” in his  campaign to claim the 2007 USML championship.

      “I know many of you are bailing out on the Berliners, convinced that we cannot win in the USML,” proclaimed Mr. Winick.  “Well, I’m ready to fight by any means necessary until my mission is accomplished.  And my mission is to obtain victory with a roster of men like Punto, Fruto, Navarro and Garza.  The challenge has been laid at my feet and I’m prepared to attack it head on and feet first, with bold initiatives, sarcasm and scowls.  Don’t stand in my way and don’t cut me slack, Jack.  The fight’s far from over and if Doug was squeamish at last year’s draft, he better have an IV strapped to his arm next go-round. I have never run from a fight, and I don’t intend to now.”

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