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      Brad Jansen

      On 8/2/06, <> wrote:

      I’ll send out a statement sometime in the next few days that sets out every team’s available FAAB budget.  It would help me if teams would send me what they “think” their budget is prior to that time.  That will save me some time and trouble and allow me to identify any potential problems.

      Also, I’d appreciate it if Rich would summarize some of the upcoming deadlines for the league membership so no one gets caught unaware.


      Jeff Winick

      My dear friend Jeffrey:

      Notwithstanding that I can barely balance my checkbook, I must take issue with your request that we the Owners provide you info as to what we “think” about our FAAB balances.

      I think I speak on behalf of several owners, both present and on vacation,  when  I say that  your primary task as  Commissioner (Acting) is to make our lives  easier, not more difficult. I barely have time for a self-examination, let alone a self-audit.  Please don’t treat the owners as one of your $175,000 a year lackeys who run and get you snacks and sandwiches while you spend your billable hours sending out emails about my players’ latest injuries.

      Your job requires you to fulfill certain responsibilities.  Simple math calculations fall within your duties.  Take your time, do it right, and don’t delegate tasks that you think are beneath your station.

      Thank you for your consideration and,
      I remain,
      Brad Jansen


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