Winick’s Winter Musings–Dispatch #1

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      Brad Jansen

      From the mind of Jeffrey Winick, as transcribed by Brad Jansen…

      “Hello, dear friends and fans alike. I’m sure all of you wonder just how I find time to prepare for my annual trip to the AZ Fall League, where I get to run with the big boys and draft my fantasy baseball team in NOV for Chrissakes.  How’s *that *for an early draft, Mr Nuke Kerber?  Well, don’t worry your pointy little heads, lads, because I’m locked and loaded as always. More troubling is the anguish I feel each and every time I pore over my USML roster and gaze upon all my potential retainees…so much talent, but so little roster space…my heart says Zobrist, but my head says Fruto and don’t even ask what my other functioning part says about Joe Crede. How I do wish he’d fix that darn back of his. And I’m just so jealous of how those blasted Rips are faring down in the Dominican…Kendry Morales, Nelson Cruz…they break my heart they’re so good…well, it’s time to pack and you know how long that can take…where *are  *my mesh tees anyway? Well, ta ta for now but there will be plenty of news from swinging Scottsdale, my boys, so don’t spam me out, I’ll be back!”

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