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      Brad Jansen

      Dear Brother Andrew:

      Time for a song, I’d say, with apologies to Rich, and….Brian Wilson
      (the Beach Boy, not the Giants closer)….

      Wouldn’t it be Price who blew me over
      Then I wouldn’t have to trade so long
      And wouldn’t it be Price who’ll pitch forever
      In the fantasy where we belong

      You know he’s gonna make my team much better
      Whenever he can get his sh*t together

      Wouldn’t it be Price who made we make up
      When Blocker offered Marcum, too
      And when I win that first place trophy
      I’ll hold my Damon the whole night through

      Happy times together we’ve been spending
      I wish his every pitch were neverending
      Wouldn’t it be Price

      Maybe if I think and wish and hope and trade it might come true
      For Price, there wouldn’t be a single trade I couldn’t do
      Even with Blocker
      And then I’d be happy

      Wouldn’t it be Price

      You know it seems the more we talk about him
      He only pitches worse, but now I’ve got him
      But let’s talk about him
      Wouldn’t it be Price

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