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      Brad Jansen

      “One thing that has befuddled me these last two weeks,” mused the reticent Jeffrey Winick, “Is why no hot wax announcement has been made regarding Adrian Beltre.  It doesn’t surprise me that a naval gazer like Andy Klein would not pick up on the facts that (i) Beltre is hitting in th 2-hole and seeing far more strikes, (ii) his batting average and home run pace has picked up considerably and will show significant improvement as he reaches career norms in a short time span,  (iii) Beltre is a nice speed-power guy who would easily outpace several of the sorry options I see inhabiting the CI and UTE slots on several ‘contenders’ such as the F-Brats, Red Hots, LMCs, Angries and so on and so forth and (iv) Brad is such an easy guy to deal with.

      “The forward thinkers in this League –myself excluded because I’m rebuilding my team with college players for the next decade– will pounce on this opportunity, certainly now that I’ve called this man to their attention.  But really, take me seriously or not at all: Beltre could very well impact the outcome of the race this year.  Better to buy while the price may still be low, then to sit and stew like a certain law professor/acting dean we all know.  Knowledge is power.  I have that power and I’m not afraid to flew it. So there.”

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