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      Andy Klein

      It is ironic that during the same week Rich reminded us of the classic “C.O.P.S. v. D.U.M.P.” debate, we witnessed the demise of Byron Buxton’s career. To my friend Dennis: I only hope that Rochester meets Round Rock in the AAA World Series, so you can have the satisfaction of seeing Buxton high-five Joey Gallo during pre-game warm-ups.

      In any event … the question remains “to Bean or not to Bean,” and Byron’s demotion made me think of the USML favorites who came before him — many of whom have names that begin with the letter “B.”

      So “B is for Bean,” and a tip of the hat to Brandon Wood, perhaps the USML’s most overrated (and overtraded) prospect.

      And who can forget Brien Taylor? Isn’t he in the Hall of Fame by now?

      How about the first-ever Winick-hyped bean Ben Grieve? I think he’s selling used cars in Texas.

      Then there’s Ben McDonald, Brian Matusz, Rocco Baldelli, and Ben Sheets — perhaps not quite as hyped as the others, but overrated nonetheless.

      And just think if we were a mixed league?! No doubt Brad Jansen would have sold someone on Bryan Bullington and Josh Booty.

      It’s a slight disappointment that the parents of Ruben Rivera and Nick Johnson didn’t plan better when naming their sons. But who knows. Perhaps their middle names begin with B.

      So once more: “To Bean or not to Bean?” And to young Byron Buxton, best wishes, and we hardly knew ye.


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      Jeff Winick

      B is for Bulletin Board material for the Berliners.

      More to follow….

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      Mark Kerber

      Why are there no b’s in “Sano?”

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        Mark Blocker

        B is for beautiful…..nice work, Andy.

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