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      Mark Blocker

      Buddha (and others):

      Buddha, welcome to the league.  I will try to provide a more exhaustive guide to our league membership, but since you have indicated (through Fruiter) that pro football affiliation is important (as it should be), I will provide that information for you now.  First, I am a huge, life-long Packer fan, having grown up in Appleton, 30 miles from Lambeau.  This year I finally acquired season tickets (through E-bay, not through the list) and went to all of the gold package home games.  My priorities are simple:  I would rather have the Pack win one more Super Bowl than win our roto league even once (and as I’m sure others will point out, there is little chance of that).  My oldest son Ezra, who will be 10 in a few days, is an even bigger fan than me (and number 17,463 on the season ticket waiting list), so you know I am raising them right.

      Second, beware: our league is filled with downtrodden Bears fans.  By my count, at least the following owners:

      1. Klein
      2. Winick
      3. Shabelman
      4. Kerber
      5. Robbins (season ticket holder)

      I don’t know about Gammons who grew up in Indy or Barrett (Calamari), but as you can see, this is almost an epidemic in our league.  These sorts of affiliations should be considered carefully when dealing with league members.

      Our league members worry about all this, so they have for years been planting false rumors that I am not willing to trade my players.  This is false.  The Bombers are always open to trades and working the phones, especially with fellow Packer fans.  Don’t believe what you will hear, and remember: consider the source.

      Anyway, welcome aboard.  Our league has now been going for 16 years (Winick and I are the only charter members left), but it has always needed more Packer fans.

      — Mark Blocker (Commissioner, and owner of the Block’s Bombers)

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      Jeff Winick

      A full report on the predilictions of league members will follow shortly. But this little missive by Mark Blocker must be addressed immediately. It is entirely accurate that Mark is always willing to trade his players. Unfortunately, his trade inquiries are typically along the lines of “I’ll trade you Adam Riggs, Robert Person and Scott Schoenweiss for Alfonso Soriano.” Sure, Mark will occasionally make a silly trade, like Ichiro for a bum like Gil Meche, but you’ll find those occasions to be incredibly rare. I believe it is Andy Klein who summed up Mr. Blocker’s trading philosophy as follows: “If its a fair deal – I’m not interested.”

      More to follow.

      Jeff Winick – A Michigan graduate and a lifelong Bears fan. (Although I did own Favre in both of my fantasy football leagues)

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