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      Richard Robbins

      I’m going to celebrate Labor Day by checking out Cheap Trick at Ravinia (it seems odd but too good to pass up).

      While listening to various Cheap Trick songs with me, Joseph asked me what Bun E. Carlos’ real name is.

      According to Wikipedia he was born in Rockford Illinois in 1951 as Brad Carlson.

      He actually looks a little bit like our friend Brad Jansen who shall henceforth be known as Bun E. Jansen.

      Rock On.

      — Rich

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      Brad Jansen

      Rich, you always flatter me…better to be compared to a kickass drummer from Rockford than Salman Rushdie…

      BTW, I previously emailed MBB requesting that he reserve R. Soriano and activate H. Penn because our electricity/internet/cable have been shut off intermittedly due to street construction. Right now our power’s up but is supposed to be shut off again SAT and after that who knows. Anyway I couldn’t make the roster move tonight cos Hayden still in minors…so if I can’t get to it someone please…and thanks again Jeffrey for trading Hayden to me–I really appreciate your generosity and fairness.

      Brad the Bun E.

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