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      Jeff Winick

      Chicago, IL – Word this morning out of the headquarters of the team  formerly known as the Riptorns is that Brad Lee Jansen has completed a  successful management coup and will return to re-take the reins of the  team.  Brad Lee announced that Conor has been sent to his room and given a  “time-out” for having the audacity to call out his dad.  “The team’s back  in 8th place and is well positioned to dominate the league for years to  come.  Conor (that’s with one “n”, by the way) is a great young man,  but it isn’t his time just yet.”  To announce the change in the Riptorn’s  management structure, Brad Lee proclaimed that the team would henceforth be  known as the Angry Old Riptorns to make it perfectly clear who was running  the show.  “Its my team, damnit!  This is no namby, pamby franchise  like those losers the Berliners.  We’re angry, we’re old and we’re  Riptorns!!

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