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      Richard Robbins

      Feast or famine.  There has only been one season (1995) when the Riptorns were in the money but not first place.  Fourth place that year.

      Put another way, without Mike, Brad has never been in the money.  Methinks I know where the brains were in that partnership.

      Most second place finishes?  The Berliners.  Six times.

      Here’s the list:

      Berliners 6
      Klein Nine 5
      Daddies 3
      AYM 2
      Bombers 2
      Nukes 2
      Red-Hots 2

      So in 12 of 22 years, Jeff has been in first or second place.   Perhaps the Damon should be renamed the Jelly Doughnut.

      By the way, when looking at the point and margin stuff I circulated yesterday, keep in mind that we didn’t go to 5×5 until the 2002 season.

      — Rich

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      Andy Klein

      Damn! I thought for sure I’d catch Jeff for the “bride’s maid” lead. But Jim B. looks almost certain to pass me. Let’s start digging up third place finishes …


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