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      Jeff Winick

      Brad Lee Jansen was hunting down one last Billy Goat’s double  cheeseburger when he caught a glimpse of the Mariners/Indians game above the  bar.  “My gosh” Brad Lee exclaimed in his Chicago drawl, “that’s my boy  Shin Soo Choo up at bat against the King himself.”  When Shin Soo deposited  the next pitch into the stands, Brad Lee, after adjusting himself in a vain  attempt to hide the new stain on his trousers, proudly screamed to all who could  hear:  “Did you see that?  Did you see how hard he hit that  ball?  Did you notice that it was a changeup?  This guy is  unbelievable.  He could be the second coming of Ken Griffey Junior or  Willie Mays or Mickey Mantle.  Really – he’s that good. Hey, would  you like a bite of my burger?”

      Shortly thereafter, Brad was quietly escorted home by a few friendly officers.  As he entered the squad car, he was heard muttering:   “Seriously…..did you see that guy?  He’s awesome, he’s tremendous, he’s  “Soo” good I can’t stand it.”  And with that the car disappeared into the  distance.  No charges were filed and he’s now resting comfortably at  home.

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      Brad Jansen

      Dear Jeffrey:

      Go ahead and ridicule my exuberance about the Riptorns’ young and incredible talent. Mock the joy of a 1st major league home run smacked by a young man who grew up in the terrifying shadow of communist North Korea, saved enough coins to make his way across the Pacific Ocean to the coastal waters of Washington, carved a baseball bat out of one of the many wintry pines that surround Seattle and fought his way to the Show.

      What’s your story, Jeffrey? When did Cynicism become your sidekick, and depravity your destination? Your bitterness toward my success will lead you down a long and sorrowful road. That’s me in your rearview mirror, old friend. Be careful at the intersection of Muck and Mire…

      Respectfully submitted,
      Brad Jansen,

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