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      Brad Jansen

      with apologies to the BTO…..
      I wake up every morning
      To my Rotoworld warning
      I see that my team is still shitty
      There's the Red Hots up above
      Jeffrey shows me no more love
      Is there a player anyone could just give me
      My roster's just a crime
      I can't even beat Klein Nine
      Don't even know which guys I should play
      But there's that nice young Jewish boy
      And even though I'm just a goy
      For him I'd trade my whole team away
      Will you trade me Jason Kipnis — right now- today?
      Trade me Jason Kipnis–I will pay!
      Trade me Jason Kipnis-he's all mine!
      Trade me Jason Kipnis–and don't tell Andy Klein!
      Work out!
      I'd be hopin' and wishin'
      Just to hear that Winick bitchin'
      If I could make a deal for that fellow
      He's as good as Alomar
      Though he doesn't spit as far
      The thought just makes my knees turn to jello
      The guys would see me havin' fun
      Even with that Adam Dunn
      Tell them that I just made a trade
      It's only Klein I must avoid
      But Jeff would be so damn annoyed
      Cos I'd just trade my whole team away
      Will you trade me Jason Kipnis  [refrain]

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