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      Mark Blocker

      Gee, Brad, this is like the third concession e-mail I have received from you this year.  Each time, such an e-mail is followed by some trade announcement that suggests you are competing for this year, and usually some song-parody explanation.  Until I see a real offer from you (and accompanying Beatles mock-up) for some of my many keepers, I will just assume you are competing.  For what its worth, I like the Badfinger signature better than the “Becalmed” one.

      By the way, to save you some time, since I know you write lots of e-mails, I drafted up your next trade announcement, to be used right after Vlad is hurt again (presumably soon):

      “The Berliners and the Riptorns announce the following mutually beneficial swap-back deal:  Riptorns trade Vlad The Impaler to Berliners for Josh Hamilton and  ______ [insert name of low A ball bean].”

      — Mark B.


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