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      Brad Jansen

      …with deep and sincerest apologies to Neil Young, here’s a
      cautionary ballad for Mark Blocker and others hearing Andy’s sweet
      siren songs of Jack Cust….

      My my, hey hey
      Andy Klein is here to stay
      It’s better to piss off than to trade away
      My my, hey hey

      He stole Joe Nathan and he bought Big Jack
      Klein gives you this, but he trades for that
      And once you’ve dumped, you can never come back
      When you’re out of the race and behind the pack

      The Damon’s gone but he’s not forgotten
      If Klein beats Rick we’ll feel really rotten
      It’s better to burn out than to trade for Cust
      The Damon’s gone but he’s not forgotten

      Hey hey, my my
      Will the Damon go to Klein
      There’s more to the picture
      Than just trade deadlines
      Hey hey, my my…….

      Brad Lee “One Toke Over the Klein” Jansen

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