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      Jeff Winick

      Well, at long last I have had opportunity to plug in the rosters to the Shandler and the Benson software. As per usual, Messrs Benson and Shandler have widely divergent opinions regarding the likely outcome of the 2000 USML season. These projections make the following assumptions: 1) All trades through the Blocker rape of the RipTorns are included; 2) All teams are assumed to be playing their best combination of talent; 3) a static roster (this builds in bias, but there is no way to account for the vagaries of an Ultra league). Without further ado, here’s what they have to say: (My projections follow)


      1. 54 Berliners
      2. 51 Block’s Bombers
      3. 47 Klein Nine
      4. 44 RipTorns
      5. 43.5 Red Hots
      6. 40.5 Nukes
      7. 33.5 Hoosier Daddies
      8. 29 Angry Young Men
      9. 17.5 Brats


      1. 52 Block’s Bombers
      2. 51 Red Hots
      3. 46 RipTorns
      4. 45.5 Klein Nine
      5. 45.5 Nukes
      6. 34 Hoosier Daddies
      7. 32.5 Berliners
      8. 31.5 Angry Young Men
      9. 22 Brats


      1. Klein Nine (Pedro, nice balance, skilled owner who’s willing to push the envelope – a winning combination. A stopper away from making it a runaway)
      2. Berliners (Best overall balance in the league, excellent pitching depth, a little more speed and this team may return to the top)
      3. Block’s Bombers (Tons of offense, but lack of starting pitching and inability to deal means this is as good as it gets for this franchise)
      4. RipTorns (Appear to have lost the magic – Klein put it best – $23 plus Rivera nets them Palmer and Isringhausen – how far the mighty have fallen)
      5. Red Hots (A team that might surprise – a little light on saves and one bat away from hitting with the big boys, but if the Nine or the Berliners don’t win – the Red Hots will)
      6. Nukes (Suspect pitching (shaky starters and questionable relievers) and a team that needs to convert some of its excess speed into power – could move up with a little luck)
      7. Hoosier Daddies (Two words – Bad Pitching – Finley, Rosado and Wetteland and then lots of trouble – not a bad team – just not good enough)
      8. Angry Young Men (Very good pitching, but not enough offense. In a league where Mario Rivera is only worth Dean Palmer, there’s not much hope of improving)
      9. Brats (Looks like 2000 isn’t the year. Klein and Jansen say the Brats had a great draft – Winick, Shandler and Benson say NOPE. Light on offense, truly appalling batting average and a scary pitching staff – then again, I didn’t like the 1999 version of the Brats and they turned in a nice performance).

      I encourage other league members to post their own projections – and Mark B., Andy and Riptorns can start with the second place teams since I think we already know who they will project as champion.

      That’s all for now.

      Jeff Winick

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