Gammons Channels The Boss…In “I’m Wire To Wire”

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      Brad Jansen

      …to the tune of Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire”…..

      Hey little Jeffrey leave your prospects home
      No matter that you got Brad Lee all alone
      Take your mags–and build a funeral pyre
      Oh-Oh-Oh I’m wire to wire

      You traded Liriano and Zumaya, too
      Call in Mr. T cos you’re the fool
      Go move Hughes–if you so desire
      Oh-Oh-Oh I’m wire to wire

      Tell me now Andy is Drew good for you
      Can he do the things Dukes used to do
      Stuck in second–and you’ll get no higher
      No-No-No I’m wire to wire

      Sometimes this League needs a season baby
      Empty and dull
      Who needs any dump trades
      To bother this lull?

      At night I wake up with my stats soaking wet
      And there’s Johnny Damon running right through my head
      My rout is complete–and it’s entire
      Whoa-Ho-Ho I’m wire to wire

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